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Construction Accidents

Anyone who has ever been on a jobsite where a new building is going up, an old one is coming down, or extensive renovations are being made, knows just how dangerous a workplace that can be. Elevated worksites are inherently dangerous. No doubt about it. But beyond the sheer height of so many construction sites in the City of New York, we know that object's fall, crane's collapse, scaffolds and ladders are job made, rickety and lack safety protections; structural debris is left everywhere, on beams, roofs, elevators and on the ground; safety equipment‐ goggles, harnesses and nets ‐ is either completely unavailable or scarce, excavations fail, work is rushed, machines and tools are left unguarded, supervisors demand that you do more with less, and every hazard imaginable is lurking just around the corner.

But there is an important safety net available to construction workers in the City and State of New York in the form of New York's scaffold law. That law is more than a century old and exists to protect construction workers just like you, by requiring that owners of construction sites and general contractors provide necessary and appropriate safety equipment to construction workers who labor on elevated worksites. Other sections of the law are designed to protect construction workers in many other circumstances, no matter what their trade.

At Goldberg & Lasson our experience in preparing and trying cases for construction workers over the last thirty years is second to none. And we know that a fall from a height while working at a construction site can lead to horrific injuries and even death. Without appropriate safety equipment, a construction worker often has little hope of surviving a job in one piece. And all too many construction workers are injured on jobs each and every year.

If you or a construction worker you know has been seriously injured on a job site of any kind, don't wait. Give us a call, email us or fill out our case evaluation form. Goldberg & Lasson is here to fight for you, courageously and with conviction, to help you get your life back on track. We service the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island and upstate New York.